The Poetry of Emotion
(1st through 5th grade)

This gallery of student poetry was generated by students at several Evanston schools 2008-2010. In one school, I was specifically commissioned to create a K-5th grade curriculum which reinforced the social-emotional curriculum being taught that year. The social worker and teachers believed students would better learn how to express and understand their emotion through the use of creative writing. Some of the work here came through that curriculum, other poems were generated by students quite naturally, because...of course...poetry is emotion!



A 1st grade praise poem 2nd Grade Rainbow Poems 4th & 5th Grade Impossible Letter poems 5th grade poem about changing emotions
I sing....(Miles' poem)

The Rainbow (Carlo's poem)

Mysterious Colors (Will's poem)

Dear Power (Madeleine's poem)

Dear Energy (Nathan's poem)

Dear Jealousy (Elena's poem)

Dear Excitement (Sarah's poem)

Dear Confidence (Mathilda's poem)

Dear Danger (Asconio's poem)

Flip Flop (Sarah's poem)


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