The Poetry of Change
(2nd grade)

This gallery of student poetry was generated by 2nd graders in an Evanston public school. Using a broad theme--The Poetry of Change--students generated poems about how they were changing & how the world was changing. Core earth science curriculum was reinforced as students became oceans, volcanos, rivers and mountains. Then, the students chose an important person and wrote about how this person affected their experience. During this six-week residency the resourceful and creative students drafted and then edited their work, using a 6-step Editing Game. Individual books were created with hand-painted covers, and students shared their work in a culminating reading/presentation. Supported by a very supportive band of parent volunteers and talented and dedicated teachers, these 2nd graders created work they were very proud of. Several of the poems are in Spanish, written by students from the bilingual immersion classroom.



I used to be....but now... I am... My special person is ...
Carter's poem the ocean.. (Joey's poem) my Grandmother (Yashvi's poem)

Noah's poem

the pond... (Jazmin's poem) my Friend (Lukas's poem)
Tessa's poem the tsunami (Eleanor's poem) my Sister (Wesley's poem)
Kagen's poem

the volcano...(Muskaan's poem)

my Friend (Ruth's poem)
Omar's poem the ground...(Kieran's poem) my Grandma (Han-Ray's poem)
  the river...(Jesse's poem) mi Papa (Oscar's poem)
  the ocean... (Natalie's poem)  

la arena... (Victor's poem)

  el tornado...(Chris's poem)  


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