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Poetry/Art Projects


When students make visual art then write poetry inspired by their own art-making, wonderful things happen! Inspired by my own art-making, my studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and my work in arts integration through Columbia College's Project AIM, I have taught a variety of poetry/art projects. These approaches can be especially helpful for coaxing reluctant writers into writing!

Looking at the World: Observational Drawings
& Poems (grades 2-3)
(NEW, posted July 2011)

Be an Artist with your Words! Showcase of 5th grade work from Project Aim (NEW, posted July 2011)

When I run fast my hair whips and sways wildly in the cold rushing air: Poem Pictures by Four Second Grade Artists (NEW, posted May 2011)

These Are My Hands (grades 2-12) UPDATED 4/11

The Landscape Inside My body (grades K-8)

Night & Water: Collages & Poems (grades 3-5)

One-Word Collages & Poems (grades 5-12)

Musical Scribbles (grades 6-12)

Photo/Text Projects (grades 8-12)

Also check out: The Hayt School Art/Poetry Project (5th Grade). Browse through the menu of student projects to see (and hear!) self-portraits and the poetry they inspired. This project (sponsored by Art Resources in Teaching & The Collaboratory Project, an initiative of Northwestern University) involved myself and teaching artist Guillermo Delgado instructing a very diverse classroom of 5th grade students at Hayt School, Chicago, Illinois