Night & Water: Collages & Poems
(grades 3-5)



This project was inspired by my training in the "Image Making Within the Writing Process" method, developed by Beth Olshansky, University of New Hampshire. I've done this project now at three schools (and several after-school programs). First, students create hand-decorated papers (using a variety of watercolor techniques including marbleizing, salt, crayon resist, splatter and sponge). Then, working with art teachers, the students are guided to create a collage on a theme (the ones shown here are night, and water). Next, in the regular classroom, students first brainstormed, then drafted poems in which they spoke as if they were an element within the collage. Click on the text to read the poems, on the image to view the collages.



Night   Water  
"Why I exaggerate" by Abdoulaye "The Extremely Panicky Fish" by Danny
"The Dead Webs" by Seth "Magenta Dolphin" by Lydia
"The Wind God" by Alexis "I am a rock" by Julia
"White as a blanket" by Julian "Bouncy Beach Ball" by Tessa
"The Sky and Me" by Jason pic "I am the Slimey, Limey Seaweed" by Ruth
"The Wild" by Connor pic "I am the waterfall" by Diana
"My Place" by Emily pix "I am the moon" by Ilana
"The Shot and the Spirit of Uncle" by DeVanté pic "The Soul of the Sea" by Jay


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