These Are My Hands
(grades 2-12)

In this exercise, students are invited to study something everyone has in common--hands! I've developed hand projects for all grades.

In the winter of 2011, I worked with 2nd graders at Walker Elementary. Students drew their hands and then added to their art work one line from a poem they wrote. Sometimes it was a dream about what their hand would do, sometime it was a wonderfully wacky 2nd grade simile! Click on the student's name to see their image.

Julia's poem is from a third-point point-of-view, while Luis & Matthew's images reflect a middle-school take of this subjec.

In highschool, students are exposed to the rich tradition of visual art AND poetry that focuses on the hand. They then create drawings and subsequently fill in the negative space with writing inspired by the arrt.


Second Grade Hand Poems (click on names to see images)

Chaz says: My palm will grasp a microphone as I sing rock music to a huge audience

Dria says: My hand is a duck going quack quack in the pond.
Alya says: In the future my hands will dribble and shoot the basketball as my team is winning
George says: If I look closely, my pointy knuckles are as tough as a wrestling man!
Jade says: My hand is smooth like a beautiful swan glicing on the sparkly ice.
Kevin says: My hand slaps the basketball on the floor.
Lily says: My hand is very very little, like a grain of sand sitting on a beach.




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