"My Anger Shines Around Me..."
A Gallery of 8th grade poetry

These poems were generated by the students in Marty Behm's 8th Grade Lanugage Arts classes (King Lab Magnet School, Evanston, 2008 & 2009). I visited his classrooms to reinforce student learning inspired by the book "Bronx Masquerade." During my visits, students generated poems on a variety of subjects. Some wrote mediations on single words or objects (fragile, cluelessness, masks). Some wrote self-portrait poems full of teen attitude and thoughtful opinion (see Just Because and Keana's poem which celebrates her 'bad attitude' -- while not wanting it 'to spread'). Some wrote about key teen activities like arguing and resisting the morning alarm clock (see Grapefruittt). Some wrote odes...and rants.

Congratulations to the poets who entered and won awards at the annual Skokie Library Poetry Contest. THREE of the six poets selected for 2009came from King Lab, including Dalyan's ode to meganerds!!

Both years, the residency culminated in a poetry 'slam' at Evanston's great Boo Coo Cafe. More than 40 kids turned out to read their poems and be applauded by peers and family members.Read an article about this event.


Fall 2008
Fall 2009
Egypt Dalyan MegaNerd: He'll Save You Too!
Keana Demitrius I am Anger
Anglika Ben My Rollercoaster Ride
Rosa Carlos The Truth....
Nate Emanuel Curiosity
Nolan Jasmin Just Because



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