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Alice George:
Poet & Teacher





Serious Play Workshop
These ongoing sessions for dedicated poets at all levels, taught in my Evanston studio, will begin again in Fall 2012.

Email me if you are interested.


Download Alice's teaching brochure.






My teaching integrates play and work, head and heart, engaging students and helping them create work which moves and excites them. I teach creative writing in a wide variety of situations:

  • Writer-in-Residence in K-12 schools, libraries, and other community centers.
  • After-school writing creative writing teacher for K-12 students in parks, schools, and other venues.
  • Workshop teacher for college students and adults

Visual art, drama and music play a large part in my teaching, as I help students of all ages draw upon a variety of different skills and strengths.

I also conduct professional development sessions for teachers, and help groups design and implement creative writing enrichment programs.


NEW: Visit this showcase of 2nd grade poet-experts!